What Do You Do When Your Capture Executive (Capture Manager) Leaves?

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14758110_sSecond only to projecting sales, your capture management tool of choice is a key indicator of your capture management team’s performance and is also what keeps accumulated data about each prospect in one place. Its active monitoring begins the day your Capture Executive (also known as a Capture Manager or Capture Executive Manager) starts work. At that moment you with understand that your capture management team will change over time, and thus you may be faced with extreme difficulties when your Capture Executive leaves for other opportunities.  

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Have You Outgrown Microsoft Excel as a Sales Management Tool?

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excel-as-a-sales-management-toolOf the 58 percent of companies that track their company’s wins and losses, the majority use Microsoft Excel as their Pipeline solution. Why might that be?

Well, for those companies that really want to track the basics about each opportunity AND only have one or two sales people, then Microsoft Excel as a CRM solution serves its purpose. You can easily create a running total of wins, and a running total of losses; and each can be easily stored, organized and understood. But once your sales team begins to grow and find more opportunities, now  your Capture Executive (Capture Management) team is ready for a more advanced solution that can handle more strategic capabilities; perhaps Microsoft Excel should no longer be your Pipeline system.

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The 5 Essential Habits of Highly Effective Capture Executives

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capture-executive-good-habits.jpgTake a look at the habits of successful leaders in your industry or your company’s area of expertise. By cultivating these same habits or by looking for them in your employees and consultants, you can identify employees most likely to lead your business through a successful capture management strategy.

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Greatest Hits: Top Government Sales Insights for Your Business

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2017-government-sales-predictions.jpgCapturing and winning government contracts is a way to ensure a stable source of income for years to come. During lean economic times, government contracts can help keep the doors open, and during boom times, these contracts can fund expansion.

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Selling to the Government: Why Do I Need to Bid an IDIQ Contract?

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bid-an-idiq-contractOf the thousands of acronyms utilized throughout the federal government, the intent behind this one is quite autonomous, regardless of agency. Indefinite Delivery, Indefinite Quantity (IDIQ) contracts have been a federal procurement option since the early 1990’s, but the last ten years have really experienced a significant increase in IDIQ contract strategies. The legal origin of IDIQ contracts is the Federal Acquisition Regulation (FAR) section 16.504(a) (48 C.F.R. 16.504(a)).  Historically, these contracts provide federal buyers with more options when procuring services, allowing them to issue delivery or task orders to a vetted group of contract awardees.

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