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Time Savings with CaptureExec

Time savings with CaptureExec

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“Lost time is never found again.” – Benjamin Franklin

How many of you reading this article have felt like, if you just had more time for the things that matter most – your family, your health, your passions – you’d feel more in balance and your quality of life would drastically increase?

Maybe you’re reading that and wondering what it has to do with a company that sells software to government contractors like yourself.

The answer is, CaptureExec ensures you never lose that time again. CaptureExec turns that time you’ve gained back into the things that matter most to you.

How do we save you time? Simple:

  • CaptureExec automates capture management, opportunity tracking and processing.
  • CaptureExec integrates with your entire BD operation, from Finance to Contracts to your Capture Team.
  • CaptureExec automatically ingests opportunity data from external platforms, eliminating wasteful manual data entry.
  • CaptureExec feeds critical strategic-level data so you always make informed bid/no-bid decisions.
  • CaptureExec facilitates executive visibility and decision-making, optimizing your precious BD resources.

Don’t take it from us – take it from the satisfied customers who’ve raved about CaptureExec:

“I frequently hear BD colleagues complain about the unnecessarily complex pipeline management tools and processes they are forced to work with. Every time, I recommend a change to CaptureExec.” – Kristin Hilbert, Business Development Executive

“Since we began using CaptureExec, our win percentage has improved and we have won larger deals. I know this is because CaptureExec has made us focus on collection of the RIGHT kind of information and the repeatable process. This software has allowed us to improve our business revenue! Thank you BIT Solutions for creating such a powerful tool for our business.” – Loch Harbour Group)

“CaptureExec is one of the most powerful CRM tools we have ever used. It provides us with an honest assessment of the maturity level for each and every capture effort we engage in and it holds our team accountable throughout the entire process. In addition, the platform is very user friendly and adaptable to our organization’s needs, allowing us to maximize the power of information and effectively increase our probability of winning in the DoD/Federal market space.” – Diné Development Corporation

As a government contractor, too often you know what it means when a major proposal drops – long nights ahead, (unpaid) overtime at the office, time lost with your family and loved ones, maybe even a missed vacation where you’re the only one left behind.

Put a stop to that with CaptureExec. Click the button in the top menu bar and schedule a demo today – we know you’ll like what you see!

Attention all capture/proposal/project managers and writers/editors – BIT Solutions Consulting is looking for talent to add to our bench for freelance opportunities!

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BIT Solutions Consulting is looking for talent

Attention all capture/proposal/project managers and writers/editors – BIT Solutions Consulting is looking for talent to add to our bench for freelance opportunities!

If you’re experienced at leading or assisting with government contracting capture efforts; have expertise in proposal development, writing, editing, or graphic design; or if you’ve done project management in the government contracting space, we’d love to talk with you.

BIT Solutions has numerous existing and upcoming opportunities with government contracting firms, for companies large and small, that we can match you up with, so don’t hesitate to contact us. We’re in one of the busiest times of the year with RFPs dropping daily, so there’s no shortage of work.

Click the link below to get in touch with us!

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Announcing GovCon Smart Search (GCSS)

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GovCon Smart Search (GCSS)

BREAKING NEWS! CaptureExec™ now helps you save even MORE time when you do capture management than ever before! 

Our CaptureExec software has been helping government contractors manage their pipelines, win more business, and frankly, get more time back with their families, for years – and now we’ve made this secret weapon even more powerful than ever.

Announcing GovCon Smart Search (GCSS), integrated directly with CaptureExec, which automatically ingests and populates opportunity details, eliminating manual data entry. GCSS even automatically updates opportunities when the Government makes a change, so you can stop relying on manual checks and self-generated reminders.

The GCSS module integrates with, plus we can integrate with  any third party BI search tool that you use, at no extra cost! All we would need are the API’s and we can move forward with the integration of your preferred search tool.

If you would like to see a demo, please reach out to Natalie ( or Brenda ( and they will work with you to schedule a time to review how the GCSS Tool works.

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Natalie Hensel | Customer Support Manager

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We are excited to announce that Natalie Hensel has been promoted to Customer Support Manager. Natalie has done an incredible job this past year organizing our Customer Support process, documenting the entire CaptureExec system, setting up Quarterly Customer calls and creating the new Vignette training sessions.

Natalie’s first assignment is to train our newly hired Customer Support Specialist in all things Support. She will then begin managing the scheduling and delivery of all Implementation and Training for our new customers, as well as Training support for all our existing Customers. Natalie will also be responsible for the entire customer Renewal process. We are very well known in the industry for our superior Customer support and Natalie will be creating an even better experience with her Customer Support Team that she will be managing.

We are excited for Natalie and look forward to her new management role!

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Brenda Gonzalez Barboza Named New Customer Support Specialist

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Brenda Gonzalez Barboza

We are excited to announce that Brenda Gonzalez Barboza has joined our team as Customer Support Specialist. Brenda was born in Venezuela and has traveled the world, from China to Europe to the US, and brings a wide breadth of cultural diversity to our company. She is also an Entrepreneur who designs and customizes her own Travel luggage. But mostly, Brenda brings incredible energy and enthusiasm for supporting customer needs!

Brenda’s first assignment is to learn every aspect of the CaptureExec system – this is an extremely complex process and Brenda has jumped in with a smile and intensity. Brenda will also take over the management of our Customer Support process and will continue reaching out Quarterly to all our Customers.

Brenda graduated from Liberty University with a Bachelor of Science degree specializing in Fashion Design.

We are excited for Brenda to be a big part of our Customer Support Team!

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