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CaptureExec is the Only choice

CaptureExec is the ONLY choice

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Chances are, you’re using the wrong sales tracking / customer relationship management software tool.

That is, unless you’re using CaptureExec. CaptureExec is the only tool that was specifically – and solely – made with the government contracting world in mind.

Let me tell you what makes CaptureExec stand apart from the competition:

  1. Our team has over 30+ years of capture management experience in the government contracting industry. We know the business inside and out, and CaptureExec reflects that fact.
  2. We’re headquartered in the DC-Maryland-Virginia area, which means we’re a short drive away from most government contractors, able to come to your doorstep and show you CaptureExec in person, as well as respond to customer service needs that call for a personal touch.
  3. Most other software tools require you to pay both their license fee, as well as a separate fee for the back-end database suite – but they rarely tell you this up front. CaptureExec’s license fee covers everything you need – no surprise fees or add-on costs.

Our CEO and founder, Skip Blackburn, would be more than happy to come to your facility and demo CaptureExec in person, to show you what the product can do and answer any questions.

Click the “Request Demo” button in the upper right corner of the website to schedule a date and time.

The 7 Stages of Capture Management

The 7 Stages of Capture Management

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Almost all government contracts have one thing in common – they eventually produce an RFP and allow companies to join in the bidding process. Every company should define a repeatable process for working with the Government to let them know what you do and how you can support their requirements. This process may have many different stages, and Capture Executives must manage each stage to show their companies where it makes sense to continue to spend money chasing and capturing each deal.

We’ve broken down the Capture process into seven defined stages:

  1. TRACKING During this 6-month phase, your Account Manager identifies opportunities for your company to bid and fills the Pipeline.
  2. QUALIFICATION To ensure a good match between your company and the possible contract, your Account Manager spends time matching the contract requirements to your company’s capabilities.
  3. PURSUIT Once in the pursuit phase, your company assigns a Capture Manager to take over the account and begin validating the government interest, concerns and incumbent favorability.
  4. CAPTURE This is the most extended stage in winning a government contract and may take two years to accumulate all the necessary information to prepare for an eventual RFP to be released. During this stage, your Capture Manager “shapes” the government process for the RFP, builds a team to win the deal, and gathers intelligence about the government team managing the contract, the competition and the contracting requirements expected and needed.
  5. PROPOSAL Once an RFP gets released, in most cases there are 30 days before the submission deadline. Your company assigns a Proposal Manager who will orchestrate and manage the process of framing the RFP requirements, manage the calendar for writing and delivery, set up reviews of the content, manage the compliance review process and finalize the response for submission.
  6. SUBMIT After everything is ready, the Capture Executive either hand delivers the RFP or submits the sections and attachments electronically.
  7. WIN/LOSE After collecting submissions, the government reviews all proposals and announces who has won the bid. The review process can take six months or more, depending on the complexity of the contracts and required completion timeline. The Capture Executive and Management should always request a Debrief to understand “Why” you won or lost each deal and keep track of those metrics for managing the B&P process better for each new opportunity.
A Word About Customer Service

A Word About Customer Service

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Ken Blanchard, famous author of the book “The One Minute Manager,” once said this about customer service:

“Just having satisfied customers isn’t good enough anymore. If you really want a booming business, you have to turn them into raving fans.”

Well, here at BIT Solutions, it’s our obsession to turn you into a raving fan.

Put another way, there’s no higher ideal here at BIT than delivering exemplary customer service and attention.

How do we execute on that promise? We do so with something we like to think of as a “customer bill of rights” – you entrusted us with your business, it’s now incumbent upon us to deliver.

  • We respond to every support ticket within 24 hours, often 1-2 hours in actuality.
  • Our Customer Care Team is always available via direct emails and phone calls.
  • We conduct recurring, quarterly check-in calls with every client to ensure their requirements are being met and their expectations are being exceeded.
  • We offer regularly scheduled free classes on specific CaptureExec features and upgrades that you can join at any time.

Our customer support team includes some star performers, Natalie Hensel and Brenda Barboza. Natalie and Brenda know CaptureExec inside and out, and even more importantly, they will see to it that you become a raving fan of BIT Solutions!

Save precious time with CaptureExec

Save Precious Time with CaptureExec

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Attention Capture Managers!!

Struggling to get your pipeline under control? Lost and buried under endless spreadsheets, documents, and proprietary forms that were intended to bring order to your capture processes, but just leave you doing more work than ever?

As if that wasn’t hard enough, we know capture managers are putting in even more time at the office these days, under tremendous pressure to respond to the flood of RFPs hitting. If you‘re tired of missing out on family moments, vacations, and summertime with your children, there is a better way – a way you can manage and execute the work, while still maintaining that balance at home!

Well, you don’t have to suffer from this condition any longer – you can turn to our renowned capture management tool, CaptureExec™.

CaptureExec provides an automated, integrated, and reliable approach to capture management that can dramatically increase your win rate. Consider the following:

CaptureExec is automated, allowing you to:

  • Import opportunities from, Govwin and other platforms at the click of a button
  • Populate PPT, DOC and other forms with one click
  • Calculate and update P-win automatically
  • Assign deal-shaping grades to every opportunity to make bid decisions more easily

It’s integrated, allowing you to:

  • Unify all bid elements under one sales team’s management
  • Generate executive analytics for pipelines, agreements, etc.
  • Request items like NDAs, TAs, and budgets and expenditures with one click

It’s repeatable, allowing you to

  • Codify and standardize deal-shaping questions
  • Fully customize the system to fit your BD processes
  • Identify winning (and losing) bids sooner with auto-calculated P-win formula

Check out CaptureExec today here on our website and book a free demo. We can’t wait to hear from you!

Tomorrow we take it to the next level, and we want to take you with us.

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Since 2016, BIT Solutions has delivered world-class capture and proposal consulting services to many of our clients. It’s an aspect of our business we’re extremely proud of, and we’ve been honored to help play a part in our clients’ successes.

Take Verizon Federal for example, where we successfully led its capture of $1.44B in bookings, achieving 68% of financial goals and a 41% proposal win rate.

That’s just one of the many success stories that contributed to what we’ve helped achieve in the consulting space. With over 200+ years of combined experience, the consultants we’ve matched to our clients’ needs have delivered over $250B+ in proposal wins.

Wondering how we pulled that off? By understanding every stage of the capture and proposal process and matching the right consultant to the job. Consider our broad range of expertise:

We’ve assisted our clients with the opportunity qualification phase, conducting in-depth capture research and devising winning pursuit strategies right from the get-go.

We’ve helped our clients craft win themes and differentiators that separated them from the pack, guided their proposal responses, and jumped off the page when reviewed by the source selection board.

We’ve led our clients through the entire proposal management process, from A to Z, from stripping RFPs to packaging up volumes for submission to the government.

We’ve gotten into the trenches with them and written technical responses, edited proposal volumes, and produced award-winning graphics to make our clients’ submissions look like no other.

We’ve coached our clients to victory in orals presentations, led them through blue team and black hat exercises, and left no stone unturned in preparing their proposal for the scrutiny of the source selection board.

We’ve even trained our clients on capture and proposal processes and best practices, leaving them with a long-term, sustainable knowledge base for future pursuits.

But we’re not resting on our laurels.

Tomorrow we take it to the next level, and we want to take you with us. On Friday, 1 July, we’ll announce the extraordinary commitment we’ve made to your success–to amplifying your growth through partnership with us. Check back here and on our social media channels tomorrow to find out what we have in store!

What’s the best, most effective way to conduct your overall opportunity assessment process, to include capture planning?

What’s the best, most effective way to conduct your overall opportunity assessment process, to include capture planning?

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What’s the best, most effective way to conduct your overall opportunity assessment process, to include capture planning?

At BIT Solutions Consulting, we advise our clients as follows:

At the very top level, there needs to be a strategic plan that’s ongoing and cyclical in nature. It should incorporate market analyses, budgets, marketing and technology plans, at a minimum. It’s a continuous exercise that ultimately dovetails with your business development team so they can start going after opportunities that make sense for your company.

Approximately 18-24 months before an opportunity drops, the first major phase of your opportunity process begins: Opportunity Identification. Here, market research and customer meetings take center stage and are critical to helping determine the viability of the opportunity; these activities will help you spot problems and issues that the customer needs help with and will be looking to be addressed in a proposal.

Your strategic plan should inform the opportunity identification process and establish those parameters by which you’ll sift through and narrow down viable opportunities to pursue. That said, it’s wise to go wider with your funnel and involve your capture managers to help do the sorting–this way, you don’t miss anything that could be viable, and you get those managers an early look at the potential opportunities that are on the horizon.

Once you’ve gathered all the opportunities, you conduct a Gate One review, which can be used at the lowest level to decide whether this opportunity is something you want to dig deeper into. As you narrow this list down, the process moves into the next phase, Opportunity Assessment.

Opportunity Assessment, occurring 12-18 months out from release, entails steps like attending industry days, gathering customer requirements and needs, and verifying alignment with your strategic plan and priorities. Your goal here is to eliminate anything that does not fit with your plan, since eventually, you’ll be putting real money, time, and other resources into actively pursuing the opportunity.

One tip for qualifying opportunities in this stage is to consult with previous RFPs in that space, do a statement of work analysis, and use the results of this analysis to assess your chances from a past performance and other award criteria perspective. You can also start assessing the incumbent competition and conducting more meetings with the customer to widen your perspective of their requirements, identify pain points, and other history relevant to the opportunity. Try to ascertain things like incumbent overall performance, employee turnover rate, position staffing timelines/delays, and whether the incumbent is liked or disliked.

In the Assessment phase, you’ll also begin formulating a solution and creating a price-to-win strategy to go along with that solution. This should include identifying a value proposition, and crafting a teaming and staffing strategy. Determine whether priming or subbing the opportunity makes more sense, given all of the known factors.

At the end of Assessment, hold a Gate Two review, where you’ll review the pursuit plan package and ask yourself whether you were able to gather enough information that indicates alignment with your strategy. This review acts as a “go/no-go” decision meeting, and should result in about 2/3rds of opportunities falling out of the pipeline. For those that make it through, you’ll assign a capture manager and identify a budget for the opportunity.

Finally, you enter the third phase: Capture Management, which typically occurs throughout the 3-12 months before the opportunity is released. Your capture manager should be doing things like executing a call plan, conducting an OCI analysis, refining the baseline solution, and updating the price-to-win as more information becomes apparent, among other activities.

You’ll finish up this third phase with a Gate Three review that includes verification that nothing new emerged in the draft RFP, for example, that suddenly disqualifies the opportunity. You’ll update your capture plan, develop an initial proposal plan, and assign a proposal manager to the pursuit.

We’d love to hear your feedback on how you go about navigating these processes, and are always available for a consultation call so you can see if we’re a good fit to assist you. Click this link to schedule a call today!

Time Savings with CaptureExec

Time savings with CaptureExec

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“Lost time is never found again.” – Benjamin Franklin

How many of you reading this article have felt like, if you just had more time for the things that matter most – your family, your health, your passions – you’d feel more in balance and your quality of life would drastically increase?

Maybe you’re reading that and wondering what it has to do with a company that sells software to government contractors like yourself.

The answer is, CaptureExec ensures you never lose that time again. CaptureExec turns that time you’ve gained back into the things that matter most to you.

How do we save you time? Simple:

  • CaptureExec automates capture management, opportunity tracking and processing.
  • CaptureExec integrates with your entire BD operation, from Finance to Contracts to your Capture Team.
  • CaptureExec automatically ingests opportunity data from external platforms, eliminating wasteful manual data entry.
  • CaptureExec feeds critical strategic-level data so you always make informed bid/no-bid decisions.
  • CaptureExec facilitates executive visibility and decision-making, optimizing your precious BD resources.

Don’t take it from us – take it from the satisfied customers who’ve raved about CaptureExec:

“I frequently hear BD colleagues complain about the unnecessarily complex pipeline management tools and processes they are forced to work with. Every time, I recommend a change to CaptureExec.” – Kristin Hilbert, Business Development Executive

“Since we began using CaptureExec, our win percentage has improved and we have won larger deals. I know this is because CaptureExec has made us focus on collection of the RIGHT kind of information and the repeatable process. This software has allowed us to improve our business revenue! Thank you BIT Solutions for creating such a powerful tool for our business.” – Loch Harbour Group)

“CaptureExec is one of the most powerful CRM tools we have ever used. It provides us with an honest assessment of the maturity level for each and every capture effort we engage in and it holds our team accountable throughout the entire process. In addition, the platform is very user friendly and adaptable to our organization’s needs, allowing us to maximize the power of information and effectively increase our probability of winning in the DoD/Federal market space.” – Diné Development Corporation

As a government contractor, too often you know what it means when a major proposal drops – long nights ahead, (unpaid) overtime at the office, time lost with your family and loved ones, maybe even a missed vacation where you’re the only one left behind.

Put a stop to that with CaptureExec. Click the button in the top menu bar and schedule a demo today – we know you’ll like what you see!

Attention all capture/proposal/project managers and writers/editors – BIT Solutions Consulting is looking for talent to add to our bench for freelance opportunities!

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BIT Solutions Consulting is looking for talent

Attention all capture/proposal/project managers and writers/editors – BIT Solutions Consulting is looking for talent to add to our bench for freelance opportunities!

If you’re experienced at leading or assisting with government contracting capture efforts; have expertise in proposal development, writing, editing, or graphic design; or if you’ve done project management in the government contracting space, we’d love to talk with you.

BIT Solutions has numerous existing and upcoming opportunities with government contracting firms, for companies large and small, that we can match you up with, so don’t hesitate to contact us. We’re in one of the busiest times of the year with RFPs dropping daily, so there’s no shortage of work.

Click the link below to get in touch with us!

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Announcing GovCon Smart Search (GCSS)

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GovCon Smart Search (GCSS)

BREAKING NEWS! CaptureExec™ now helps you save even MORE time when you do capture management than ever before! 

Our CaptureExec software has been helping government contractors manage their pipelines, win more business, and frankly, get more time back with their families, for years – and now we’ve made this secret weapon even more powerful than ever.

Announcing GovCon Smart Search (GCSS), integrated directly with CaptureExec, which automatically ingests and populates opportunity details, eliminating manual data entry. GCSS even automatically updates opportunities when the Government makes a change, so you can stop relying on manual checks and self-generated reminders.

The GCSS module integrates with, plus we can integrate with  any third party BI search tool that you use, at no extra cost! All we would need are the API’s and we can move forward with the integration of your preferred search tool.

If you would like to see a demo, please reach out to Natalie ( or Brenda ( and they will work with you to schedule a time to review how the GCSS Tool works.

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Natalie Hensel | Customer Support Manager

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We are excited to announce that Natalie Hensel has been promoted to Customer Support Manager. Natalie has done an incredible job this past year organizing our Customer Support process, documenting the entire CaptureExec system, setting up Quarterly Customer calls and creating the new Vignette training sessions.

Natalie’s first assignment is to train our newly hired Customer Support Specialist in all things Support. She will then begin managing the scheduling and delivery of all Implementation and Training for our new customers, as well as Training support for all our existing Customers. Natalie will also be responsible for the entire customer Renewal process. We are very well known in the industry for our superior Customer support and Natalie will be creating an even better experience with her Customer Support Team that she will be managing.

We are excited for Natalie and look forward to her new management role!

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