Become a CaptureExec Reseller

CaptureExec software was developed to help Government contractors manage their entire sales, capture and proposal business and improve their PWin on each and every deal. Our CaptureExec Reseller program delivers the tools, resources, and benefits that will help your contacts build, run, and grow into a profitable business.

You Should Be a CaptureExec Reseller If…

  • You have a current list of Government Contractor company contacts
  • You want to help your contacts win new business
  • You want to make money for introducing your contacts to BIT Solutions, LLC
  • You already are supporting Government Contractors as a consultant

CaptureExec’s Reseller Programs

Our CaptureExec Reseller Program has three tiers: Silver, Gold and Platinum:



maximum fee

Refer a Prospect



maximum feeRefer a Prospect

Do the Demo

Close the Deal



maximum fee PLUS Training & Implementation FeesRefer a Prospect

Do the Demo

Close the Deal

Train the Customer

Implement the System

Tier-1 Helpdesk

Get more information today on how you can become a reseller by filling out the form on the right.

If You Don’t Want to Be a Reseller…

If you know companies that can benefit from CaptureExec, but you don’t want the responsibilities that come with being a reseller, you can still refer a prospect (as many as you’d like) to receive a finder’s fee when they purchase the software. Refer your contacts here.

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