Your Capture Executive is not only tasked with managing a tremendous amount of information but also with knowing everything there is to know about the customer, competition and value. 

Why not make their job a little easier? The Templates tab integrated into our CaptureExec CRM allows your Capture Manager to easily pull large amounts of information needed for repeatable projects such as Gate Reviews, Case Studies, Standardized CTA’s and more with the click of a single button. CaptureExec_Templates_Tab_Demo.png

CaptureExec CRM was built in order to allow both the Capture Executive and Executive Management team to have an easy to use solution to manage their own aspect of the business.

In our short demo you will learn how the Templates function of our pipeline management software:

  • Allows Capture Executives and Executive Management to easily pull data needed for repeatable projects.
  • Can allow you to create a unlimited number of templates for future utilization within the CRM.
  • The exported information can be merged into either an Excel, Word or PowerPoint document for further ease of editing.
  • And more.

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