Strategic RFP Support

We have had many separate customers who had brought their Responses through Pink-Team based on the Draft RFP/PWS and determined that they needed another strategic review to make certain they didn’t miss any items, rework graphics to wow the customer and validate compliance. They also needed a Proposal Manager to pick up the current stage and guide the entire process to submission.

BIT Solutions assembled a team of two experienced writers/reviewers, a proposal manager and a graphics artist. The team strategized, injected and supported the response process through to submission. We refocused the team and educated, based on our experiences, on what the KO Shop, the Funding source and the Selection Board wanted, needed and would look for to make awards.

Orals Coaching and Content Support

A customer came to us who had worked on their Draft RFP/PWS and was looking for an expert Orals coach who could work in their DC office to organize and coach their team to be prepared for the Government orals sessions.

BIT Solutions brought in an expert orals coach and content manager with over 20 years experience as the go to coach of one of the top 5 largest Government contracting companies in the world. The team strategized, built content and coached the customer team through to the orals session. We educated the team, based on our experiences, on what the Selection Board would need and would look for to make the award.

Complete Proposal Response Team Support

We have several customers (including two multi-billion dollar companies), who wanted to outsource their entire Proposal Response requirements to a single company to support all RFI’s, RFP’s, TO’s, Whitepapers, etc., for writing, compliance, graphics, reviews, grading and submission.

BIT Solutions created isolated teams of 15 and 30 experts supporting all phases of the Response Team requirements. We defined a repeatable process for our customer to submit the response, upload Capture documentation to a shared environment, and have their SME’s begin creating and drafting the technical solution. BIT Solutions also created a repeatable process internally for receiving the request, assigning the Proposal Manager, creating the Compliance matrix and Calendar, managing calendars and meetings, creating graphics, reviewing documentation and re-writing the SME content for One-Voice, compliance and “win-ability”.