How Many Companies Do You Know that Are Doing Business with the Federal, State, or Local Governments?

While working with the government can certainly be a challenging task, sometimes years in the industry can pay off; Just look at the size of your rolodex, bursting with contacts.

Are you using your contacts to your advantage?

You could be, by referring a contact that you think could benefit from our capture management-focused CRM system:

  • Fill out the form to the right to Register a referral
  • One of our Sales Executives will call you to discuss your referral information
  • You make the call; send an introductory email or call to introduce your referral company and our Sales Executives

… when we close the deal, you’ll get the referral fee. 

You’re not limited to one submission, in fact, we’re not limiting your submissions at all. The more companies that you submit, the more money that you can stand to make.