Your Capture Executive finally secured a face-to-face meeting with the Government. But how can you be sure they know which questions to ask and when to ask them? How do you know they’ll go in with a plan? Having those questions lined up, and knowing what answers to look for and expect is a critical key to the meeting’s success.

CaptureExec’s CRM solution is built to manage such a task, and has a proactive Sections/Questions/Answers (SQA) capability.

In our short CaptureExec S/Q/A demo you will learn how our pipeline management software:

  • Tells your Capture Management Team exactly which questions to ask the Government
  • Tells your Sales Team when to ask each question
  • Measures and grades each capture on the thoroughness and content of questions answered
  • Offers completely user definable Sections, Questions and Answers fields
  • Drives your Capture Executive Team to create an effective, repeatable Capture process

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