Your Capture Management process is vital to increasing your Pwin and analyzing on a regular basis whether to continue to pursue an opportunity or spend your money on a more likely pursuit. Our Government Sales Consulting services help you to develop your capture plan, coach your team on how to improve your Capture Management process, and improve your chances of winning by following a well-defined and tested process.

Improve your Capture Management Process:

  • Develop your Capture Plan and budget
  • Build and manage your Capture Team
  • Meet with the customer to understand requirements and objectives
  • Work with the Technical team to develop a solution
  • Shape the RFP by working with the government
  • Develop a SWOT chart evaluating the competition
  • Build the team that excites the Government
  • Develop the win strategy
  • Work with the pricing team to create a Price to Win
  • Manage risk assessment
Train your Capture Management team:

  • Capture assessment
  • Capture management
  • Capture training
  • Price-to-win strategy
  • Competitive assessment
  • Teaming support
  • Implementing and using our CaptureExec Software

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Consulting Support

Please note that pricing depends on skill-set of the consultants, as well as the length of the commitment.

Strategic Management Consulting

BIT Solutions, LLC Offers:
Comprised of:

Executive Level Support

  • Planning and design for company organization and strategy
  • Sales leadership and strategic account planning
  • Sales team management and leadership

Complex Captures Individual & IDIQ’s Analysis

  • Strategic sales support and critical review of opportunities that are planned or in process

PMO Design & Development

  • Design, process definition and hiring support for entire PMO for supporting IDIQ Task Order response and management

Capture Team and Leadership

  • Design of a repeatable sales capture process and training of sales team to bring understanding and buy-in of business process
  • Educate in complex capture process and government thinking/needs

Teaming Analysis & Support

  • Support with analysis of competition and teaming options
  • Lead negotiations for Teaming Agreements

Blackhat, Whitehat, Pricing Support

  • Strategic support of competitive analysis (Blackhat) and internal analysis (Whitehat)
  • Pricing exercise and understanding of customer challenges and expectation

Color Team Reviewer Support

  • Critical review of Pink, Gold, Green, Blue and Red team evaluation process

Tactical Sales

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BIT Solutions, LLC Offers:
Comprised of:

CaptureExec Deal Shaping

  • In the field with the customer funding source, contracting shop, end users, program management team and companies competing

Team Building

  • Meet and review credentials of teaming opportunities both form a sub or prime position

Pricing Development

  • Gather government pricing issues, competitive understanding and Price-to-Win participation

PTW – Price to Win Analysis

  • Expert Pricing and PTW consultant will analyze the competition, create pricing scenarios and map an expected Price to Win for Management review and assessment

Account Management

  • Walk the halls to understand the customer from every aspect and contract they procure

Pipeline Development

  • Help sales team develop and expand the pipeline of opportunities

Proposal Management

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BIT Solutions, LLC Offers:
Comprised of:

Overall Proposal Leadership

  • Lead the entire proposal management process from initial RFP through delivery of the response
  • Includes EN requests from the government and FPR’s

Strict Compliance Review Management

  • Review the RFP response documents to make certain that 100% of the Government required submission responses are complete and validated

Proposal Review/Editorial Support

  • Review team will read, edit and review every section of the RFP response to make certain that the team has “answered the mail”, described the Win Themes clearly, woven in all Ghost Themes and made clear to the Government what the value propositions are.

Technical/Management Writing Support

  • Skilled technical writers will take a strawman Pink Team response and write specific responses based on the solution and the Government requirements.

Color Review Government Grading

  • Our 30 retired Government PM, who read a graded thousands of Proposals for the Government, will review each Color Team stage documents and grade them based on the RFP Sections L&M requirements.

Orals Coaching/Content Support

  • Expert Orals Coach with 25 years experience managing all Orals support at an $11.5B Government Contractor, will coach, support, teach and create content for any Orals presentation required.

Graphics Management

BIT Solutions, LLC Offers:
Comprised of:

Full Design

  • Design and edit support, including customer ability to edit and self-manage images

Support and Document Management

  • Manage entire document product of graphics required