CaptureExec is one of the most powerful CRM tools we have ever used. It provides us with an honest assessment of the maturity level for each and every capture effort we engage in and it holds our team accountable throughout the entire process. In addition, the platform is very user friendly and adaptable to our organization’s needs, allowing us to maximize the power of information and effectively increase our probability of winning in the DoD/Federal market space.

C.P. (NOVA Corporation)

Since we began using CaptureExec, our win percentage has improved and we have won larger deals. I know this is because CaptureExec has made us focus on collection of the RIGHT kind of information and the repeatable process. This software has allowed us to improve our business revenue! Thank you BIT Solutions for creating such a powerful tool for our business.

H.H. (Loch Harbour Group)

Capture Exec has helped us to refine our capture and BD processes in ways we never imagined. In working through the process of adding in the Qualifying Questions and weighting the answers, we were forced to take a hard look at what was really important to our organization in the Capture Stage of our opportunities. This tool has become an invaluable resource to our organization.

BD Team (Loch Harbour Group)

I like the tool. I have used Deltek’s GovWin Costpoint tool, and CaptureExec is far easier to use and user customized for our specific applications. I like the tool and it is very user friendly.


CaptureExec is a strong tool, that appears to be robust and helpful.


Overall very favorable. Frankly since it can be customized, I can’t think of anything it currently doesn’t do that I would like it to do. Robust, fairly easy to use and a beneficial tool overall.


Customer and technical support is quick, responsive, courteous, and very knowledgeable.

T.R. (NOVA Corporation)

Once I started using the software and fully understanding the current functionality, I soon realized it’s value when compared to other well established CRM tools that I’ve worked with in the past.

R.C. (NOVA Corporation)

CaptureExec is a very innovative product that is completely user customizable to our specific company needs. Most impressed with the ability to create customized Template designs that can be used for Gate reviews, Kick off meetings, etc. Basically any company document can be converted to an .xml template to capture any specific data from Capture Executive database. In promoting a One time entry BD environment, this is especially helpful with utilizing data entered by BD Leads and Capture Managers to be put to use in other company documents/presentations by using the Capture Executive Template system. Also worthy of high praise is Progress tracking feature, customized reporting capabilities, Quota management, and Overview of all Capture information on the Executive level. Very pleased so far with the capabilities of this dynamic and user customizable CRM tool.

C.W. (NOVA Corporation)

I frequently hear BD colleagues complain about the unnecessarily complex pipeline management tools and processes they are forced to work with. Every time, I recommend a change to CaptureExec.

Kristin Hilbert, Business Development Executive

I would highly recommend CaptureExec. It’s been a tremendous asset for us and was a catalyst in helping us reinvigorate our entire capture process.

Tom Portlock, Chief Marketing Officer

Prior to Capture Exec we were a bit haphazard in vetting opportunities and moving them forward in a consistent manner to the bid phase. Now, with the aid of CaptureExec we have established an operational rhythm of analyzing the funnel that is more efficient than our previous practices.

Randy Nunley, Chief Executive Officer

As I came onboard Advanced Onion, one of the things that really bothered me was our adhoc opportunity management process, and constant ’surprise’ at things that were getting dropped through the cracks. We had no effective opportunity management process, which made opportunity management, PWin scoring, teams, and every aspect much more difficult and reliant on emails and memory. And worse, I had a really tough time understanding the true strength of the pipeline.

I researched the market and it came down to SalesForce and CaptureExec. SF was expensive and difficult, so we implemented CaptureExec in December and it’s been fantastic! The systems does everything that we wanted and more, and is extremely easy to use and manage, and it’s relatively inexpensive.

Anyhow, Skip Blackburn is extremely knowledgeable on the GovCon capture processes and can really advise on best practices as well.

Regardless, we couldn’t be happier with our implementation process (2 days), training (2 days), and subsequent usage of CaptureExec. We enter all opportunities in it, use it for Opportunity, PWin and Progress Scoring, keep all activity notes, upload all relevant documents (including NDAs, TAs, etc.), run our Gate Review process, do our Pipeline Review meetings in it, and at the executive level we are much more aware of the strength of our pipeline, etc.

Mike Douglass – Advanced Onion