We created CaptureExec with features that will help you, your Capture Managers, and the rest of your staff improve your Capture Management process, helping your Capture Manager to create a process that is automated, repeatable and effective.

CaptureExec Software

BIT Solutions, LLC’s CaptureExec Software is a cloud-based pipeline management software that manages every aspect of your Government or Commercial Capture Management process from the inception of a new Capture through the win and award.

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CaptureExec Support

As a licensed user of our CaptureExec software, we believe that you should receive individualized CaptureExec support at no additional cost.

You can access our CaptureExec support team in three ways.

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Become A Reseller

If you can think of Companies that would be interested in our CaptureExec software, you should consider becoming a CaptureExec Reseller. As a reseller, if you find/know prospects, you can make money! Learn more about our three tier reseller program.

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