We created CaptureExec with features that will help you, your Capture Managers, and the rest of your staff improve your Capture Management process, helping your Capture Manager to create a process that is automated, repeatable and effective.

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  • Automated Capture Progress Evaluation and Grading: Tracks Capture Executive progress in terms of gained information, understanding of competition, and competitive advantages – then grades each Capture as to how much progress has been made
  • Automated NDA, TA & SubK: Sends automated email notifications when specific contracts are in progress
  • Automated Question/Answer System: Tells your Capture Manager WHEN and WHAT to ask the government prior to the government meetings
  • Automatic Reminder System: The system automatically send reminders when dates get close – such as 30-days prior to the RFP date. This reminds the Sales team to keep the system up to date on all dates


  • Fully Integrated Reporting Templates: Allows Capture Executives to utilize Microsoft Office to create their reporting templates, (PowerPoint, Excel and Word)
  • Microsoft Office Integration: Allows you to import any and all existing Microsoft Office documents that are helpful to the Capture opportunity
  • FedBizOpps Integration and automated import into the CaptureExec system
  • Integration with Finance Departments: Allows for educated and up-to-date budget management
  • Integration with Contracts Department: Allows for seamless communication within internal Contracts departments for NDA, TA & SubK support and management

Sales Management

  • Teammate Management: Sales Executives can manage teammate assignments, contracts and contact information
  • Competition SWOT Management: Employees can manage, rate and compare SWOTs to evaluate competition and prepare for the Blackhat process
  • Completely User Definable System: Unlimited number of customizable entries are possible in all system fields
  • Document Management System: Each user can manage documents in their own specialized way against each different Capture in the system
  • IDIQ and Task Order Management: Separate management of all IDIQ contracts and TO’s allowing for an easy at-a-glance oversight and PMO management
  • Mobile Access: Users can access CaptureExec from their smart phones and tablets

Executive Management

  • Complete Company & Division Management: The ability to view each division’s performance plus all employees’ activity, which allows for executive direct involvement, management and oversight
  • Sales Management: Executives can monitor and view which Capture Managers are over-performing or under-performing
  • Cost Budget Management: users can define and manage budgets with the option for automated cost integrations
  • Teammate Management: Allows Capture Executives to manage companies on their team, workshare allocation and assignments
  • Task Management: Users of the system can assign themselves tasks with reminders plus delegate tasks to anyone in the system


  • Financial Projections: Analyzes each person’s revenue contribution and allows modeling to determine future financial projections
  • Salesperson and Division Quota Management: Executives understand their sales team’s performance year over year monitoring both Submitted and Won assigned and achieved quotas
  • Automated Gate Reviews: Allows templates to be built for any process in PowerPoint, Excel and Word. Then automatically populates all pages and fields with current information from the CaptureExec system
  • Win/Loss Analysis: Tracks why you win and why you lose allowing you to learn from the losses to create a repeatable and effective Capture Management process