How Did CaptureExec Improve Capture Management and Efficiency with AGEISS?

Since their founding in 1988, AGEISS has expanded capabilities to support nearly every facet of federal facility missions and operations. They have completed projects for more than 30 federal agencies covering 379 federal sites in 52 states and territories, Europe, Southwest Asia, and the Pacific Rim.

AGEISS had a goal of improving capture management processes and bringing efficiencies to their overall business development practice. The business development team did not have a centralized location for storing and managing opportunities, until they implemented CaptureExec.

CaptureExec improved AGEISS’s business development process, enabling them to: 

  • Simplify the bid/no-bid decision and improved PWIN.
  • Report on real-time business development data
  • Automate the Contracts department to streamline NDAs and TAs
  • Create custom reports for strategically-focused internal meetings
  • … and more

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