PipeDrive vs PipelineDeals: Which CRM Is Right for You?

By January 4, 2018CRM

pipedrive-vs-pipelinedealsChoosing the correct customer relationship management tool can make the difference between winning accounts and seeing your opportunities slip away. The right CRM solution for your government contracting company depends on many factors, such as the size of your organization, your staff’s technical aptitude, and whether the CRM is intended for sales alone or involves other activities such as marketing interactions. PipeDrive and PipelineDeals are two sales-only CRMs offering options for the sales process, tracking deals, and other sales duties.


PipeDrive is a highly customizable CRM with several helpful views that allow you to visualize the sales process. The primary view puts a visual representation of the pipeline right on the dashboard, with another view focusing on job duties such as likely opportunities to focus on, follow up messages, and sales forecasting. This CRM is friendly, giving sales staff visibility into potentially closing deals, the opportunities in the pipeline and predictive forecasting.

While PipeDrive is customizable, allowing you to tailor the pipeline and data display to your capture management needs, it is also only sales-focused. A full featured mobile app provides call tracking and on-the-go opportunity information, while third-party integration provides expansion potential by working with services such as Google Drive and MailChimp. An API is also available for custom development.

However the downside of PipeDrive is that it is only focused on sales, with no management capabilities, and it is useful only for small sized companies. Every included function of the CRM revolves around the pipeline, pipeline visualization and pipeline management. While it does offer an API, third-party integration, plus a fair amount of customization, it would take a lot of work for it to cover marketing and support functions as well as other management and contract processes.


PipelineDeals designed its system with simplicity in mind, so the solution can be quickly implemented throughout your organization. Like PipeDrive, the primary focus of this solution revolves around sales only processes. It uses visual charts and content throughout the dashboard and other pages to make it as accessible as possible to anyone using the system.

PipelineDeals brings opportunity information into a single page. Real time updates provide visibility for sales tracking. Mobile apps let you access this data wherever you are, with the same streamlined UI that creates a smooth user experience. PipelineDeals provides third-party integration with a similar set of services to PipeDrive.

The primary problem with PipelineDeals is that it’s focused on smaller scale organizations, without many of the features that are useful to managers. If you’re the only one working in sales, this might be a good set up, but if you want visibility into your team, you’re not going to get it here. The simplicity is also a double-edged sword. It’s great to quickly implement and pick up in a small company, but the lack of customization options introduces the potential to quickly outgrow this solution.

Which CRM is the CRM for you?

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