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Government Bidding Basics That Impact Win Performance

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Most government sales business today requires a structured process to be followed. Unlike the commercial side, the government has a significant amount of public reporting and transparency, as well as multiple rules forbidding favoritism. Not paying attention to these rules results in many vendors losing bids without even being considered, a common rookie mistake.

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How Government Contractors Can Improve Their PWin…(Percent Win)

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While PWIN (percentage win), is clearly an easy metric to apply to sales and performance of capture with a targeted customer base, it doesn’t lend itself so easily to the government arena. That’s because there are a number of fundamental differences between government and the open market, and it’s important to understand these differences if a vendor wants to be successful on public Organization bids.

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Capture Management: What You Need to Know About Paid Sources for Business Development

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Budget is a big barrier when looking at your capture management process. You need to invest a lot up front in the hopes of scoring contracts at the end. With publicly-available sources offering a lot of the information you need to strategize for opportunities, it can take a lot of man hours to aggregate the information.

For most businesses, that’s where paid services come in.

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4 Reasons You Should Be Pursuing Government Opportunities

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38918222_s.jpgRemember your first few months in business? You probably spent most of your time operating in the red, never feeling sure that enough clients would walk through your doors to keep the lights on. Since a significant number of businesses close their doors within the first five years, developing stable income sources should be a priority. Government contracts, when effectively captured, can offer exactly that – a guaranteed, steady stream of revenue, month after month.

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3 Reasons Your Government Sales Process Might Not Be Working

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3_reasons_government_sales_not_working.jpgIn our industry, selling to government clients is the key to growing your business and achieving success. If you are struggling to succeed in government sales, it’s important to find out why and address the problem that is holding you back. There are three main reasons for a government sales process not working, but they all boil down to the same problem: a serious lack of visibility. If you don’t know what is going on with your sales pipeline, your sales team and your opportunities, your government sales process can’t work effectively.

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The Most Common Types of Government Contracts

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government-contractsWhen you first delve in to the world of Government contracting, it can be overwhelming. Rarely is it as easy as, say, having new carpet installed in your home. In that case, the seller provides a quote, you agree to the terms, new carpet is installed, and you pay the invoice. Done.

There is a reason the Capture Management process and procurement process aren’t that simple. Often times the government customer wants high-end, super plush carpet for an economy carpet price. They also want it in four different colors, and in rooms with fourteen closets. And to top it all off, it needs to be completed over the holiday weekend, only using two security-cleared installers with ten years of experience.

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