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3 Reasons Your Government Sales Process Might Not Be Working

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In our industry, selling to government clients is the key to growing your business and achieving success. If you are struggling to succeed in government sales, it’s important to find out why and address the problem that is holding you back. There are three main reasons for a government sales process not working, but they all boil down to the same problem: a serious lack of visibility. If you don’t know what is going on with your sales pipeline, your sales team and your opportunities, your government sales process can’t work effectively.

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The Most Common Types of Government Contracts

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When you first delve in to the world of Government contracting, it can be overwhelming. Rarely is it as easy as, say, having new carpet installed in your home. In that case, the seller provides a quote, you agree to the terms, new carpet is installed, and you pay the invoice. Done.

There is a reason the Capture Management process and procurement process aren’t that simple. Often times the government customer wants high-end, super plush carpet for an economy carpet price. They also want it in four different colors, and in rooms with fourteen closets. And to top it all off, it needs to be completed over the holiday weekend, only using two security-cleared installers with ten years of experience.

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Should I Attend Industry Days?

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Government agencies may be a solid source of income, but they also require a significant investment of time and resources to close a deal, depending on the length of your sales cycle. The open-bidding process often goes through several layers with fewer potential contractors competing at each step. As you manage your capture through all the different stages, networking and making contacts is a big part of the process. Given the complexity of agency structures, no one person makes the final decision on bids. This fact makes building relationships a must – and that’s where Industry Days come in to play.

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Government Contracting Predictions for this Fiscal Year (and Beyond)

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government-contracting-predictions-for-2017.jpgPolitical change leads to economic change. Every election cycle sees new initiatives move to the forefront of the budget, as well as process changes that can lead to big opportunities. By being proactive about your capture management process and creating a repeatable ISO-like sales process, you can get your team ready for the changing landscape.

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This Fiscal Year’s Government Spending Picture

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The government budget is limited to the amount of taxes collected, plus the amount of debt our country creates, which means there are only so many dollars to go around. With all of the rhetoric surrounding military build-up, it is likely the new budget will have significant changes to spending initiatives. To keep your business bringing in those important and lucrative government contracts, you need to look at likely areas for a budget boost.

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5 Government Sales and Capture Management Predictions for this Fiscal Year

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2017-government-sales-predictions.jpgEvery year brings with it new budgets and new government initiatives. This year, however, brings the added uncertainty of a new president. For the first time in more than a decade, you will see a Republican-led Congress and a Republican president setting budgetary and fiscal policy. The need to compromise with the opposition means watered-down legislative bills just went out the window.

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What Will Military Spending Look Like Under President-Elect Trump?

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military-spending-donald-trump-sales.jpgBusinesses that depend on government contracts should have been happy with the all the discussions about military build-up spending in the 2016 presidential election. Now that the United States knows who will be in office, it’s time to take a deeper dive into what kind of changes you’ll see in the government sales landscape.

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