5 Reasons Salesforce is Not the Right CRM for You

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Managing customer relationships is an important element in today’s increasingly digital marketplace. Customers have more potential touchpoints than ever, with communication happening via multiple social media platforms, as well as traditional avenues.

Salesforce has become the go-to CRM for many B2C companies, but that doesn’t make it the right choice for every business. What it offers to consumer businesses is not quite what it delivers to businesses that handle government contracts — capture management rarely follows the same paths as private commercial ventures.

Here are a few things to consider about Salesforce before you choose your CRM… Read More

7 Capture Management Resolutions

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A new year means a new opportunity to take a look at what you did wrong and what you did right in previous year. As you think about your capture management efforts for last year, jot down some resolutions that might help to improve your success rate in the coming year. Creating a repeatable and scalable capture management process often starts by resolving to install better habits.

Take the time to prioritize the following seven resolutions to push your prospects through the pipeline to an award. Read More

5 Capture Management Bad Habits to Break Next Year

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As the year draws to a close, you will probably reflect on your performance over the past twelve months and start to think ahead to how you could do better last year. Where did your capture management process succeed, maintain the status quo or break down? Can you affect change that will drive improvements next year?

You can’t control leadership decisions about spending or strategy, but you can control what you do with your time at work. Maybe some bad capture management habits have stealthily become routine practices, but you can get the jump on the new year by identifying and avoiding these common issues. Read More

Top Capture Management Process Best Practices

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Industry best practices become the SOP because they consistently yield the best results. Capture management best practices help create a repeatable, scalable process that generates the highest probability of a win for every prospect.

As you develop your internal processes to maximize your government contract opportunities, you need to keep these items in mind. Read More

Is Salesforce for Me?

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is-salesforce-right-for-meWhen talking about CRM solutions, Salesforce is probably one of the first names that springs to mind. This isn’t a surprise, as they do a significant amount of business with companies across all sizes and industries, and with varying structures and organizational needs.

Although adept as an off-the-shelf sales management platform, does the functionality of Salesforce provide the ideal capabilities for the direction and growth of your business? Are you considering Salesforce because you are familiar with the name, or because it provides the functionality you’re looking for?

These are important questions to consider. Reviewing your existing and anticipated business strategy as it aligns with the as-built Salesforce platform can provide insight into how well Salesforce will work with your CRM requirements. Read More