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Do I Need to Respond to a Sources Sought Notice?

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How many times have you discovered an exciting new opportunity listed within one of the dozens of listservs that flood your email inbox, only to discover it was merely a Sources Sought Notice distributed by the Government?  Feeling deflated, you skim the requirements and realize how perfect the opportunity would be for your company. But, alas, it isn’t a real opportunity. Or is it?

As of 2011, the Small Business Administration (SBA) estimated that there were over twenty-eight (28) million small businesses in the United States. Although not all of these small businesses focus on the delivery of products or services to Federal customers, a significant number of them do, accounting for a 22.3 percent expenditure of all Federal contracting dollars. However, even at 22.3 percent, many Federal agencies are not meeting their small business goals, falling short of the cumulative goal of 23 percent. Although the variance is minute, the dollar value is significant – estimated to be in the billions.

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