The 7 Stages of Capture Management


Almost all government contracts have one thing in common – they eventually produce an RFP and allow companies to join in the bidding process. Every company should define a repeatable process for working with the Government to let them know what you do and how you can support their requirements. This process may have many different stages, and Capture Executives must manage each stage to show their companies where it makes sense to continue to spend money chasing and capturing each deal.

We’ve broken down the Capture process into seven defined stages:

  • TRACKING During this 6-month phase, your Account Manager identifies opportunities for your company to bid and fills the Pipeline.
  • QUALIFICATION To ensure a good match between your company and the possible contract, your Account Manager spends time matching the contract requirements to your company’s capabilities.
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  • PURSUIT Once in the pursuit phase, your company assigns a Capture Manager to take over the account and begin validating the government interest, concerns and incumbent favorability.
  • CAPTURE This is the most extended stage in winning a government contract and may take two years to accumulate all the necessary information to prepare for an eventual RFP to be released. During this stage, your Capture Manager “shapes” the government process for the RFP, builds a team to win the deal, and gathers intelligence about the government team managing the contract, the competition and the contracting requirements expected and needed.
  • PROPOSAL Once an RFP gets released, in most cases there are 30 days before the submission deadline. Your company assigns a Proposal Manager who will orchestrate and manage the process of framing the RFP requirements, manage the calendar for writing and delivery, set up reviews of the content, manage the compliance review process and finalize the response for submission.
  • SUBMIT After everything is ready, the Capture Executive either hand delivers the RFP or submits the sections and attachments electronically.
  • WIN/LOSE After collecting submissions, the government reviews all proposals and announces who has won the bid. The review process can take six months or more, depending on the complexity of the contracts and required completion timeline. The Capture Executive and Management should always request a Debrief to understand “Why” you won or lost each deal and keep track of those metrics for managing the B&P process better for each new opportunity.
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