A Word About Customer Service

Ken Blanchard, famous author of the book “The One Minute Manager,” once said this about customer service:

“Just having satisfied customers isn’t good enough anymore. If you really want a booming business, you have to turn them into raving fans.”

Well, here at BIT Solutions, it’s our obsession to turn you into a raving fan.

Put another way, there’s no higher ideal here at BIT than delivering exemplary customer service and attention.

How do we execute on that promise? We do so with something we like to think of as a “customer bill of rights” – you entrusted us with your business, it’s now incumbent upon us to deliver.

  • We respond to every support ticket within 24 hours, often 1-2 hours in actuality.
  • Our Customer Care Team is always available via direct emails and phone calls.
  • We conduct recurring, quarterly check-in calls with every client to ensure their requirements are being met and their expectations are being exceeded.
  • We offer regularly scheduled free classes on specific CaptureExec features and upgrades that you can join at any time.

Our customer support team includes some star performers, Natalie Hensel and Brenda Barboza. Natalie and Brenda know CaptureExec inside and out, and even more importantly, they will see to it that you become a raving fan of BIT Solutions!

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