Save Precious Time with CaptureExec

Attention Capture Managers!!

Struggling to get your pipeline under control? Lost and buried under endless spreadsheets, documents, and proprietary forms that were intended to bring order to your capture processes, but just leave you doing more work than ever?

As if that wasn’t hard enough, we know capture managers are putting in even more time at the office these days, under tremendous pressure to respond to the flood of RFPs hitting. If you‘re tired of missing out on family moments, vacations, and summertime with your children, there is a better way – a way you can manage and execute the work, while still maintaining that balance at home!

Well, you don’t have to suffer from this condition any longer – you can turn to our renowned capture management tool, CaptureExec™.

CaptureExec provides an automated, integrated, and reliable approach to capture management that can dramatically increase your win rate. Consider the following:

CaptureExec is automated, allowing you to:

  • Import opportunities from, Govwin and other platforms at the click of a button
  • Populate PPT, DOC and other forms with one click
  • Calculate and update P-win automatically
  • Assign deal-shaping grades to every opportunity to make bid decisions more easily

It’s integrated, allowing you to:

  • Unify all bid elements under one sales team’s management
  • Generate executive analytics for pipelines, agreements, etc.
  • Request items like NDAs, TAs, and budgets and expenditures with one click

It’s repeatable, allowing you to

  • Codify and standardize deal-shaping questions
  • Fully customize the system to fit your BD processes
  • Identify winning (and losing) bids sooner with auto-calculated P-win formula

Check out CaptureExec today here on our website and book a free demo. We can’t wait to hear from you!