Why Win/Loss Analysis Is Worth the Effort

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When you win the pot in a poker game or trounce a friend at a game of golf, your euphoria doesn’t always lead you into deep analysis about what worked or what led to your win.

Professionals spend a lot more time analyzing every step they take along the sales cycle so they can find out where they went right. The same is true when they lose. Professional sports teams invest millions on post game analysis, practicing repetition of strategies that worked and finding ways to resolve weaknesses.

While it is fine to just enjoy the win or bemoan the loss during friendly competition, you need to pay more attention to your win/loss analysis for success, and to create a repeatable capture management sales process. Read More

How Much Does a Capture Management Consultant Cost?

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Government contracts offer a long-term and stable source of income. They are very tempting for most small to medium-sized businesses, but the initial investment required to land these deals can be a big barrier to entry. To tackle capture management, you often have to juggle the option of hiring someone full time or working with a consultant.

Looking at a sudden jump in employee costs before you land the business to support that jump can be nerve-wracking, but there are ways to control those costs. And working with a consultant can be a cost-effective way to handle your capture management. Read More

How Do You Pay a Capture Management Consultant?

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Capture management consultants rarely work a typical forty-hour or more week. They might spend a half-day at the office, work in the evening hours, or report in from a remote office. But with flexible scheduling comes flexible payment options. When you hire a consultant, you work out contractual payment terms before they start work. Typically, you are looking at one of three different pricing models:

  • Hourly or time and material
  • Firm/fixed rate or retainer
  • Firm/fixed rate with bonus

Each of these payment models offers some positives and negatives. Before you sign on the bottom line, do some serious thinking about which will offer the most value for your business. Read More

How to Know When to Fire Your Capture Management Consultant

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Government contracts can bring your company a source of consistent income. However, to get the job, you often have to make large initial investments, such as hiring a capture management consultant.

If you want to manage your bottom line to be profitable, it’s important to understand that it doesn’t make sense financially to employ a consultant over the long term. Here’s how to know when it’s time to stop paying for — or fire — your capture management consultant. Read More

How Should You Manage Your Remote Sales Team?

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The working environment of today is much more mobile than even five years ago, as the idea of being able to connect “anytime, anywhere, any device” is usually presupposed to be the standard for most workplaces, as opposed to being a luxury. That means, in order for a company to truly obtain (and retain) high-value talent, they must be able to adapt to the expectations of today’s virtual workforce.

Read More