Greatest Hits: What You Need to Know About the Black Hat Review Process

A key part of the the capture management phase, Black Hat review processes may vary in implementation between companies and people.

However, the goal remains the same: to find the top competition for a government contract and analyze the strengths and weaknesses of those businesses, so you better understand how they will bid against you.

But what best practices should you be aware of? Who should be involved in your Black Hat review process, and what are common mistakes you should seek to avoid? Find out below… 

Who Should Be Involved in Your Black Hat Review Process?

When effective, a Black Hat review helps define your strategy and moves your team forward. Too often, job titles determine participation, not experience. In your capture process, let experience be the leader and put together a team with the right mix of business intelligence by shopping for only a few specific people.


The 5 Steps of a Black Hat Review Process

A Black Hat review process lets you create a series of actionable recommendations that can help shape the deal moving forward. Essentially, Black Hat review means you strategize from the competition’s point of view. Your capture team and other carefully selected members sit down and vet each contract opportunity as if you worked for the competitor.

Black Hat vs. White Hat Review Process

Capture management is often a two-year, or even longer, process. As you make contact with government agencies, explore the bidding process, start building relationships,  and shaping the opportunity. What you learn throughout the process is what turn a typical RFP response into a well-crafted, well-researched response that will land the contract. During your capture process, you’ll want to run both Black Hat and White Hat reviews to have the best possible chance of a successful capture.     

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6 Ways to Blow Your Capture Management Process (and How to Avoid Them)

Landing government contracts starts with a comprehensive capture management process. During which, your black hat review is a crucial strategic step that helps define your expectations and proposal process, as well as next steps. If you stumble during your black hat review, however, you may also blow your entire capture management funnel. Here are a few mistakes to watch for and ways to avoid them when you put on a black hat.