Now that your RFP response is submitted, what’s next?

Now that your RFP response is submitted, what's next?

Now that your RFP response is submitted, what’s next?

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You may wait six months after your proposal submission to find out whether you win or lose the contract. Government Contract Officers, Government Program Managers and Government Executives award a contract to the proposal that best aligns with their RFP requirements and pricing range. The resources spent on submitting a government bid are substantial, so you want to maximize the value you get out of the process. Whether you win or lose, make certain you always request a debrief from the Government to understand BOTH why you won or why you lost. This debrief provides essential information for future business growth.

Now, let’s say you won — congratulations, your efforts paid off! Take the time to examine your proposal and compare it with other recorded wins. What common features do you find in this winning proposal and your previous wins? Your business gains additional successful data points, which allows you to continue improving your government bidding process in the future. You may discover short- and long-term trends, giving you a competitive advantage during the proposal process.