What you should be doing a year or two out from RFP release

What you should be doing a year or two out from RFP release

Starting from one to two years before the RFP drops, the capture phase kicks off and can stretch over two years. This is where the magic of teaming and shaping happens, significantly boosting your chances of winning (P-WIN) as the customer gets more familiar and impressed with what you’ve done before and what you can do.

In this crucial phase, your Capture Executive is on the move, setting up meetings with government officials and scouting for potential partners to create a powerhouse team. They’re also on a mission to collect “G2” intelligence, piecing together insights from various sources about what the government wants and who you’re up against. This involves asking a bunch of different people the same questions to make sure the intel checks out.

During the capture phase, make sure to loop in these key players:

  1. Executive Management
  2. Sales Management
  3. Capture Executive
  4. Government Executives
  5. Government Program Managers
  6. Government Contract Officers

Getting these folks involved early on ensures everyone’s on the same page and pushing in the same direction.