When do you bid and when do you walk away?

When do you bid and when do you walk away?

By compiling all of your capture information in one place, you can quickly grade performance. The more information your Capture Executive has collected, the more likely you are to win the bid. Track your captures to see how well each one is doing using our CaptureExec software.

This software gives you a platform that gathers all of the information on every capture in the pipeline. When you can see what deals are most complete and which need more work, you can better decide where to focus your efforts. A quick grade is the easiest way to separate out your best-qualified leads from those that need more nurturing. An objective grading process is a big part of what makes a capture management process repeatable.

Over time, you learn the questions you need to ask, so it is time to take a look and make some decisions about which opportunities to pursue. Diluting your effort might result in a slew of almost-deals when a little focus could help close several. Identify the opportunities that are most likely to win and work on these first.

Knowing when to walk away from an opportunity is the foundation for success on the deals you do choose to pursue. Objective and measurable scoring methods are the best way to avoid the trap of chasing after a capture there is no possibility of closing.