A government contract can be an incredible revenue stream; however, actually landing the deal can be a long and arduous process. That’s where customer relationship management (CRM) software can help. CRM technology is useful in managing and analyzing customer interactions. In the era of “the customer experience”, it’s increasingly vital to solve your client’s needs quickly and effectively. As a contractor, the government is your client.

If you are trying to improve your team’s capture management, a CRM can certainly benefit your company. Here’s how…

CRM Unifies the Entire Process

With CRM software, you can view the entire capture management process in one clear interface. From creating a strategy and understanding your potential customer to analyzing your competition and constructing an ideal team, the right CRM software makes managing the process simple. Because CRM collects all relevant information in one place, the capture management process is also more efficient — which makes landing that government contract a likely possibility.

CRM software such as CaptureExec can help shape the success of every opportunity you manage by organizing the process, and motivating team members to usher the opportunity to a win.

CRM Lets You Know What Questions to Ask (and When to Ask Them)

One of the primary benefits of an exceptional CRM is that it supports your processes. You can better see the big questions you should ask during each step of the capture process via a centralized dashboard. And you’ll be in much better shape to respond to answers.

For example, during the pursuit stage and after examining the needs of the client, you will know that it’s time to ask this question: “What type of solution are you searching for?” When the government agency answers, you will be ready to play up your capabilities and resources and cite past performance as evidence.

CRM Helps Manage the Entire Team

It can takes years to complete a successful capture. And, there are typically many capture team members involved. This makes it difficult for leaders to oversee the process from start to finish. But CRM clarifies roles and responsibilities, as well as communication pipelines, to help managers stay organized and on target.

Key players, such as the executive, delivery manager and pricing manager, can move tasks and opportunities smoothly within CRM, using the software’s greatest benefit–transparency– so members of the team can see how their work contributes to the capture management process.

CRM Organizes All the Documents You Collect

CRM improves company efficiency and customer service quality. Being able to seamlessly organize all the documents you collect throughout the capture process not only keeps everything at your fingertips, but also helps your team know what data is important and determine how to correctly measure progress.

In the end, this knowledge enables capture management teams to choose the best strategy for moving forward. CRM’s automation of manual tasks is an added benefit that increases operational efficiency.

CRM Keeps Executives Updated

Executives need real-time information about the capture process so they can make educated, accurate decisions. CRM is the technology that can provide that. Because the executive team is constantly kept up-to-date, leaders have the correct information for grading each stage of the capture, implementing new strategies, and communicating with government clients. This information can also help decision makers determine whether or not to bring on a capture management consultant.

Timely updates help execs know when it’s time to pursue a new opportunity or abandon an old one. Advanced CRM software, provides insight into win percentages, which undoubtedly helps with allocation of resources.

Going Forward with CRM

Not all CRMs are suitable for every business. You need to find a software solution that fits your company’s needs. You must implement the CRM correctly if you want to put yourself in the best position to land government contracts and exceed customer expectations.

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