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Capture Management: What You Need to Know About Public Sources for Business Development

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As your company starts looking for new opportunities, you’ll realize how much information you need to make smart business decisions about which opportunities to pursue. The federal government awards thousands of contracts worth billions of dollars each year.

Narrowing down the list to something manageable requires a lot of information. Thankfully, virtually every bit of information surrounding government contracts is publicly available.

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Why Black Hat Review Processes Work

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Employed during the capture management phase, Black Hat review processes may vary in implementation between companies and people, but the overall goal remains the same: to find the top competition for a government contract and analyze the strengths and weaknesses of those businesses, so you better understand how they will bid against you.

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6 Ways to Blow Your Black Hat Process (and How to Avoid Them)

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Landing government contracts starts with a comprehensive capture management process. During which, your black hat review is a crucial strategic step that helps define your expectations and proposal process, as well as next steps.

If you stumble during your black hat review, however, you may also blow your entire capture management funnel. Here are a few mistakes to watch for and ways to avoid them when you put on a black hat. Read More

Who Should Be Involved in Your Black Hat Review Process

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When working your capture management process, performing a Black Hat review is an essential part of your process to make certain you are ready to bid and price at the best possible cost point. Your goal is to define and determine your competitors’ strategies and capabilities. A Black Hat review gives you insight into how your competitors might respond to the same contract opportunity.

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