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7 Capture Management Resolutions

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A new year means a new opportunity to take a look at what you did wrong and what you did right in previous year. As you think about your capture management efforts for last year, jot down some resolutions that might help to improve your success rate in the coming year. Creating a repeatable and scalable capture management process often starts by resolving to install better habits.

Take the time to prioritize the following seven resolutions to push your prospects through the pipeline to an award. Read More

Capture Management: What You Need to Know About Paid Sources for Business Development

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Budget is a big barrier when looking at your capture management process. You need to invest a lot up front in the hopes of scoring contracts at the end. With publicly-available sources offering a lot of the information you need to strategize for opportunities, it can take a lot of man hours to aggregate the information.

For most businesses, that’s where paid services come in.

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Why Win/Loss Analysis Is Worth the Effort

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When you win the pot in a poker game or trounce a friend at a game of golf, your euphoria doesn’t always lead you into deep analysis about what worked or what led to your win.

Professionals spend a lot more time analyzing every step they take along the sales cycle so they can find out where they went right. The same is true when they lose. Professional sports teams invest millions on post game analysis, practicing repetition of strategies that worked and finding ways to resolve weaknesses.

While it is fine to just enjoy the win or bemoan the loss during friendly competition, you need to pay more attention to your win/loss analysis for success, and to create a repeatable capture management sales process. Read More

6 Ways to Blow Your Black Hat Process (and How to Avoid Them)

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Landing government contracts starts with a comprehensive capture management process. During which, your black hat review is a crucial strategic step that helps define your expectations and proposal process, as well as next steps.

If you stumble during your black hat review, however, you may also blow your entire capture management funnel. Here are a few mistakes to watch for and ways to avoid them when you put on a black hat. Read More

5 Capture Management Bad Habits to Break Next Year

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As the year draws to a close, you will probably reflect on your performance over the past twelve months and start to think ahead to how you could do better last year. Where did your capture management process succeed, maintain the status quo or break down? Can you affect change that will drive improvements next year?

You can’t control leadership decisions about spending or strategy, but you can control what you do with your time at work. Maybe some bad capture management habits have stealthily become routine practices, but you can get the jump on the new year by identifying and avoiding these common issues. Read More

6 Interview Questions to Ask Capture Management Consultants

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Working with capture management consultants can help you prepare for new business opportunities that your current staff simply can’t accommodate. When you predict a future surge in workflow, you need a plan and skilled employees in place to handle the increased workload. Consultants offer you the flexible and expert hours you require, often at a fraction of the cost of a regular, full-time employee.

The challenge lies in finding the right prospect for your business: Which capture management consultants are the best fit for you and your company? As you search for your next consultant, be sure to ask every interviewee these six questions before signing a contract. Read More

Step-by-Step Guide: How to Hire a Capture Management Consultant

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Does This Sound Familiar?

If you own your own business, you know what it feels like when every item that requires your undivided attention demands that finite reservoir of focus all at once. But what if multiple government sales opportunities you’ve been tracking all coalesce simultaneously, and your existing personnel are not able to effectively run capture on these prospects?

What options do you have to continue with this forward momentum if you’re strapped for resources? Read More