Function over Form: There’s More to SaaS than Glitz and Glamour

You’ve probably heard the term “SaaS” – or Software as a Service – used a lot recently. It’s part of the current, growing software trend moving away from in-house systems and toward more dynamic cloud-based solutions. CaptureExec software, which helps improve your government sales process, is an example of such a system.

SaaS and the cloud are the future of computing and can offer huge benefits to businesses of all sizes. And if your existing capture executive software is antiquated – or if you are presently using manual records, SharePoint, Access or Excel for your internal processes – switching to a more modern SaaS is a vital step to stay competitive.

However, even in keeping the obvious benefits of SaaS in mind, you shouldn’t run out and switch to such a solution just because it’s fashionable or because it looks sleek and cutting edge. Yes, many modern cloud-based solutions have beautiful user interfaces, which certainly make them look superior to your clunky old desktop system. But underneath all the shine, these new systems may not offer the tangible benefits your organization needs.

Or, put more simply, if your company needed to deliver piles of dirt to your customers, and you needed a service vehicle, would you purchase a Ferrari or a Chevy truck?. If both cost the same, you know which LOOKS better! But will it really make your business run better?  So, you shouldn’t invest in software that looks great unless its function delivers what your business actually needs. Remember the phrase “Lipstick on a Pig”?

3 Questions for Finding the Right Solution

Before you green light and implement a new solution based on looks alone, you first need to perform a cost-benefit analysis that takes into consideration the following three questions:

Does it have ALL the requirements that your business needs?

Before exploring your options, take a hard look at your current system and its requirements. What are the key functions of your existing infrastructure? Which new functions would you like your systems to have, and which manual tasks would benefit from automation? Take the “Ask not what you can do with your software, but what your software can do for you” approach when making a change.

Which features are offered in your potential SaaS Capture Executive software?

Ideally, your new solution should offer full sales management support, in addition to a range of management features, so you can ensure your work remains outcome-focused at all times. Which features are offered in the new solution to support these goals? How does the software support your core business functions? Does it enable a smooth workflow process where nothing is missed?  Does it automate and integrate current manual processes?  Does it have a Management function – allowing Executive to manage their Company, Division, Department, etc?

How does the new SaaS support your Management Information requirements?

Switching to a SaaS allows you to vastly improve your data-gathering methods, enabling you to create extremely detailed reports offering actionable insights for your management team. The question is, what kind of MI (management information) do you wish to gather? How does your new system support those MI targets? The rise of big data and business analytics means MI is no longer an optional extra. Successful businesses need to be able to track their performance in fine details and make decisions based on those insights.

Final Thought

When you’ve assessed the value a SaaS system will add to your organization, you’ll notice it becomes much easier to make decisions about factors such as cost. It also makes it easier to identify the system that will help you implement your strategy and achieve your goals.

What does all this mean when selecting a capture executive SaaS system? If you know exactly what you need, your next step will be to examine the best of what is out there. Again, many SaaS solutions, such as the CaptureExec System, will look great on the surface, but its underlying functionality is what will really determine your success in the long run.