How Do You Pay a Capture Management Consultant?

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Capture management consultants rarely work a typical forty-hour or more week. They might spend a half-day at the office, work in the evening hours, or report in from a remote office. But with flexible scheduling comes flexible payment options. When you hire a consultant, you work out contractual payment terms before they start work. Typically, you are looking at one of three different pricing models:

  • Hourly or time and material
  • Firm/fixed rate or retainer
  • Firm/fixed rate with bonus

Each of these payment models offers some positives and negatives. Before you sign on the bottom line, do some serious thinking about which will offer the most value for your business. Read More

How to Know When to Fire Your Capture Management Consultant

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Government contracts can bring your company a source of consistent income. However, to get the job, you often have to make large initial investments, such as hiring a capture management consultant.

If you want to manage your bottom line to be profitable, it’s important to understand that it doesn’t make sense financially to employ a consultant over the long term. Here’s how to know when it’s time to stop paying for — or fire — your capture management consultant. Read More

This Fiscal Year’s Government Spending Picture

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The government budget is limited to the amount of taxes collected, plus the amount of debt our country creates, which means there are only so many dollars to go around. With all of the rhetoric surrounding military build-up, it is likely the new budget will have significant changes to spending initiatives. To keep your business bringing in those important and lucrative government contracts, you need to look at likely areas for a budget boost.

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