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Greatest Hits: Top Government Sales Insights for Your Business

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Capturing and winning government contracts is a way to ensure a stable source of income for years to come. During lean economic times, government contracts can help keep the doors open, and during boom times, these contracts can fund expansion.

But what do you need to know to make sure your government sales processes are top notch? What can you do to make sure you win your bids, and what should you do if you lose? Read on to learn more. Read More

Implementing a Repeatable Capture Management Strategy

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The first step in creating any process is ensuring repeatability. Anyone can luck into success once, but being able to keep the momentum going depends on having a tested process in place that works. Your opportunities will change every year, but your analysis of those opportunities should remain the same. Because the same questions come up for every capture, you should store key information and analysis.

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Why Win/Loss Analysis Is Worth the Effort

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When you win the pot in a poker game or trounce a friend at a game of golf, your euphoria doesn’t always lead you into deep analysis about what worked or what led to your win.

Professionals spend a lot more time analyzing every step they take along the sales cycle so they can find out where they went right. The same is true when they lose. Professional sports teams invest millions on post game analysis, practicing repetition of strategies that worked and finding ways to resolve weaknesses.

While it is fine to just enjoy the win or bemoan the loss during friendly competition, you need to pay more attention to your win/loss analysis for success, and to create a repeatable capture management sales process. Read More

Your Capture Management Process: Are You Starting Too Late?

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When a government agency issues a competitive bid opportunity, or solicitation, that agency has spent a good — if not significant — amount of time creating requirements. If you are just hearing about the deal when the Government releases the RFP, then you are already very far behind the curve and generally have a very low probability of winning.

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