Is Salesforce for Me?

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When talking about CRM solutions, Salesforce is probably one of the first names that springs to mind. This isn’t a surprise, as they do a significant amount of business with companies across all sizes and industries, and with varying structures and organizational needs.

Although adept as an off-the-shelf sales management platform, does the functionality of Salesforce provide the ideal capabilities for the direction and growth of your business? Are you considering Salesforce because you are familiar with the name, or because it provides the functionality you’re looking for?

These are important questions to consider. Reviewing your existing and anticipated business strategy as it aligns with the as-built Salesforce platform can provide insight into how well Salesforce will work with your CRM requirements. Read More

What Should You Look for in Government CRM Software?

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If your company is primarily focused on pursuit and capture of federal business, there are several capabilities you should look for when making a decision about CRM software. With a number of capable systems available in the marketplace, ensuring that your selection is appropriate for your business can be challenging. To assist in the review and selection process, there are a number of considerations you need to take into account.

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Does Your CRM/Pipeline Software Help You Manage Your Sales Team?

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Let’s cut to the chase – managing a sales team is challenging, with players living out of town, in constant motion on different projects, and in various states of capture and development. Utilizing an executive-focused CRM software to help manage your sales teams can be helpful for visualizing and tracking sales team activities and progress on existing tasks.

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PipeDrive vs PipelineDeals: Which CRM Is Right for You?

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pipedrive-vs-pipelinedealsChoosing the correct customer relationship management tool can make the difference between winning accounts and seeing your opportunities slip away. The right CRM solution for your government contracting company depends on many factors, such as the size of your organization, your staff’s technical aptitude, and whether the CRM is intended for sales alone or involves other activities such as marketing interactions. PipeDrive and PipelineDeals are two sales-only CRMs offering options for the sales process, tracking deals, and other sales duties.

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